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This dojo was founded in 2002 by Mr. Michael Jones. Started originally as a study group, the schools aim is to provide the greater Phoenix area with Yoshinkan Aikido.

The dojo name, Heiseikan, was presented by Steven Miranda Sensei of Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento.The Heiseikan was originally thought up by long time friend and uke, Toru Hashinokuchi and was to be the name of his dojo, however by request, he received the name Seikeikan by Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi.

The only major difference from the original name is the kanji for SEI. Like the Seikeikan and all dojo's named by Terada Hanshi, the character means "Spirit" and is also Terada Hanshi's given name of Kiyoyuki. It is with great honor that Aikido Yoshinkan Phoenix  has accepted this name and uses it today.

= Peace  = Spirit    = House or Gathering Place

TRANSLATION: "A place to calm the spirt".

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