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Michael E. Jones (Nidan) began his study of Yoshinkan Aikido in 2000 under the direction of Mr. Steven Miranda, Chief Instructor of the Seikeikan Dojo Mr. Jones dedication to his training and development helped him learn very quickly the basics of Yoshinkan and within a year became an assistant instructor at the Seikeikan. During Mr. Miranda's absence from the dojo, Mr. Jones was responsible for running classes and assuring that all the rules and regulations, not to mention dojo etiquette, were followed. During his two year stay with the Seikeikan, Mr. Jones also had the privilege of attending several clinics with Amos Parker Sensei which included a trip to London, ON Canada. Shortly after joining the Seikeikan Dojo, Mr. Jones had the honor of traveling to Southern California to attend a 3 day seminar taught by Yoshinkan Dojocho, Chida Tsutomu.

To further his development, in November 2002, Mr. Jones traveled back to his home dojo to spend 3 days training with Parker Sensei and his teacher, which included 2 private instructor level sessions. He then accompanied Parker Sensei and members of the Seikeikan to attend a 3 day clinic in Maple Ridge, BC Canada, taught by Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi, Yoshinkan 9th dan. In September of 2003, Mr. Jones returned to the Seikeikan Dojo where he participated in a 5 day seminar with Parker Sensei and accompanied the Seikeikan and Parker Sensei to San Diego for 2 days for further training. Mr. Jones was graded to Ikkyu by Parker Shihan during this time at the Seikeikan. During the Seikeikan dojo's five year anniversary clinic in June of 2004, Mr. Jones was again tested by Parker Sensei for his Shodan, 1st degree black belt.

Mike was awarded his Shodan and Dai Roku (level 6) instructors certificate by Parker Sensei. Mr. Jones and the Heiseikan dojo are registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF). Mike was tested and awarded Nidan in February of 2007 and Sandan in May 2014 by Steven Miranda Sensei of the Seikeikan dojo in Orangevale, CA and holds a Level 5 AYF instructor certificate.

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