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This dojo was formed in conjunction and support of Steven Miranda of Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento. Miranda Sensei will serve as the primary technical advisor for the Heiseikan. Miranda Sensei is a AYF/IYAF registered 6th dan and holds a level 1 instructors certificate with grading authority to 4th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido. Miranda Sensei has been studying Yoshinkan Aikido for 30+ years. His first 16 years of training was under the direction of Mits Yamashita Sensei and has been a student of Amos Parker Sensei, 9th dan, since 2000.

Amos Parker Sensei has graciously agreed to further advise the Heiseikan dojo and provide technical assistance via scheduled clinics. Parker Sensei has been studying Yoshinkan Aikido for over 50 years and spent over 30 years in Japan learning from Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi, 10th dan and Yoshinkan Aikido Saiko Komon (Chief Technical Advisor).

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